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Vavaki is a dynamic firm of Architects founded on a desire for design excellence, environmental sustainability, high quality innovation and end user satisfaction.

Vavaki is a dynamic firm of Architects founded on a desire for design excellence, environmental sustainability, high quality innovation and end user satisfaction.
Our directors boast experience in a diverse range of sectors including, workplace, residential, education, retail, cultural, transport, hotel and leisure, as well as large scale masterplanning and mixed use projects. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and on our commitment to creative sustainable solutions wherever our work takes us. We aspire to delivering a great client experience, an ideal that is at the core of our professional ethos.

We are an Innovative Practice with a focus on African emerging economies, and our international spread offers us the unique opportunity to access the many African communities and business networks as well as high quality international design talent and expertise and standards that are emerging internationally. We operate from offices in Rwanda, South Africa, Sierra Leone and UK. We offer Urban Design, Architecture and Masterplanning as our core business services.

Vavaki is an architectural practice that believes in designing buildings and environments that are relevant and delightful to the people that will occupy and use them. We aspire to a practical yet beautiful architecture that seeks to consciously integrate with its context and the wider environment. We believe that this elegant simplicity manifests itself in the creative integration of appropriate materials in an opposite environment.

We have extensive international experience across a diverse range of sectors, building types, procurement routes and approval processes establishing longterm client relationships and encouraging repeat business. Vavaki’s key objective is to consistently exceed our client’s expectation by delivering design excellence through innovative and inspirational architectural solutions which are sympathetic to the local environment. Our presence and knowledge of development practise in Africa add a unique strength to our international expertise that allow us to deliver solutions and a service well suited, innovative and conjuisive to real estate development in Africa.

The term ‘vavaki’ is a Shona term for ‘builders’, traditionally a multifarious communal group contributing to the creation of the whole through the assimilation of their many varied skills. It is this inclusive spirit, cognisant of the value of the many stakeholders in a building’s creation, which is central to Vavaki’s design ethos. Our directors are registered with the architects Registration Board and the Royal institute of British Architects and Rwanda Institute of Architects.

The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project, regardless.

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