Resources - Vavaki Architects
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Vavaki is a dynamic firm of designers with integrated design skills.

To compliment our architectural team, we have an in house team of urban planners and masterplanners, so from the initial stages of the projects we are able to highlight the potential issues with the prospective commercial sites. The issues could range from highways, flood risks, ecology, sustainability, viable site uses through to massing. Identifying and addressing these issues at an early stage enables us to arrive at a viable option with time benefits to the overall programme.


Vavaki is led by three Directors, 2 are based in the UK office with frequent travel to our Resident country offices and 1 is project locations as and when required and one is Based in East Africa.


Our Design Team has experience of delivering high profile masterplanning and architecture developments internationally having worked on and led teams on projects in the UK, Europe, UAE, China, Russia, US for several large architectural practices in the UK and the US and extensively in Africa with Vavaki Architects covering design proposals across most building typologies and sectors.


Our current design team comprises pemanent teams and offices in UK, Uganda and Rwanda, a project team in Sierra Leone and an associate team in Ghana.

Our technical and design staff compliment includes:

  • Registered Architects in UK, Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana
  • Architectural Technicians and Technologists
  • Urban Planners
  • Project and Development Managers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Graphic and 3D Visualisers


Vavaki’s dedicated professionalism is supported by use of the latest in Building design technology and software. All our design teams are conversant and use Autodesk design software to include, Architectural Destop, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Revit as well as Sketchup, and Adobe Design Suite. Our design work is produced through current IT hardware and we continuously review and update our systems to best serve and deliver an efficient service for our clients. Vavaki also extensively uses cloud and online project management and file transfer systems that ensure our teams internationally can collaborate on projects efficiently and allows for efficient sharing of design information with clients and other construction professionals whom we collaborate with on projects.


Vavaki architects operates a Quality Assurance system based on ISO 9001 which includes a thorough design review system and document check through the design life of each project regardless of project size of engagement period.